The Look And Feel Of Wearing Nothing

We all have the talent to inspire others, whether intentionally or because we have a zest for life that is infectious! We want to bring you fun, useful products that make you feel comfortable and happy, empowered and sexy!  We love family, friends, relaxation and recreation. We want Flirtys to support your lifestyle and spawn new creative ideas. We invite you to enjoy this special sensual, happy product for women! Live! Dream! Create! Do!

Janis and Christine

Get to know Janis:

Janis lives surrounded by fields and farms. She loves the juxtaposition of the city and the country and enjoys a very busy, multi-generational family life. Janis loves dogs, horses and wildlife and outdoor activities as well as theater and music.  She thrives on supporting women of all ages in their personal and business endeavors. When working, she listens to international pianist, Hélène Grimaud, finding her music soothing and inspiring.


Beautiful Things

Flirtys photography were provided by: Katya Nicholas

Get to know Christine:

Christine also lives surrounded by farmland and horse farms. Having been a competitive equestrian, she still loves her time at the barn with her horse Leggs. She always puts family first. Spending time with her 4 year old daughter and 2 dogs is essential to everyday life, not to mention her supportive, fun loving husband! She loves camping, traveling and creative cooking for family and friends. She also loves her work and her business. She is shy and quiet. Running an entrepreneurial business has provided her with inspiration and expanded her horizons.





A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.