The Look And Feel Of Wearing Nothing



With so much waste in this country, we decided to create packaging for our products that can be used over and over again. As an incentive to save and reuse your Flirtys jar, we are giving away free product every month to consumers that reuse their jar. Imagine the possibilities; jewelry, toiletries, snacks, desk and drawer organizers, leftovers (the jars are safe for storing food) and more.

Here are 3 simple steps to be eligible for FREE product:

  1. Use your Flirtys jar for something else (the label peels off with ease not leaving any residue).
  2. Take a picture of your reused jar.
  3. Follow us and tweet your picture on Twitter. You must include in your tweet: #WinFlirtys @FlirtysME                                   AND/OR follow us and post your picture on Instagram. You must include #WinFlirtys and tag Flirtys.ME

If you Tweet AND Instagram you have twice the chance to win.
You can enter multiple reuses for the jars for even more chances to win.
Once you post, you are automatically eligible to win something every month.

Our jars are made of PET plastic which is a high quality, impact-resistant, food-grade plastic. The jars are clear and can hold a wide variety of items including; liquids, food, candy, powders, creams, etc.